Keydare Project, Italy
Release date:
Alpha Version: 30/11/2018
Beta Version: Q4 2020


Explore a dreamy italian countryside, survive fighting into a dark nightmare to save people and restore the balance of the dream dimensions.
You’ll dress up as Claire, a 26yo girls that after a quarrel with her family moves to a new city. Explore her dreams, a fragment of her childhood in the Italian countryside.


  • Live an open world dimension, half dream and half nightmare.
  • Explore the game map and collect resources, materials and artifacts to survive, craft, resell, build your house, complete quests and more.
  • Discover randomic job opportunity or resell the artifact found during your journey and build your own business.
  • Carry out different types of activities including farming, mining, fishing, sailing, hunting, riding, driving.
  • Personalize your aspect buying new pajamas and capes, change hair style and color.
  • Personalize your house with dozens of furnish and wall colors.
  • Rescue and help people captured by monsters in the Nightmare dimension to repopulate the Dream dimension.
  • Adopt your favorite style of play during battles. Approach in stealth mode, build and use traps or throw stones to depose enemies. Or go for brute force, with clubs and the firepower of weapons.


Early Access Reveal Trailer

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Early Access Launch Trailer

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Dreams do not stop being a pretty nightmare of the mind – David Vigón Rodríguez

There Was A Dream is a unique passion project turned community simulator. Started over two years ago by a couple, known as Keydare Project, this game is both beautiful and bizarre.. – Kati Baker
Indie Hive

We are only in alpha yet the amount of things already done is huge. From crafting to hunting, from questing to building one’s own home, from just exploring to character customization. In short, a lot of meat on the fire and well cooked, which only needs some work on the performance, so as to make this game even more surprising. But if this is just an alpha, what will await us in the final version? – DannyDSC

The sheer amount of things you can do in There Was A Dream is astounding. It has character customization, house building, crafting, survival mechanics, personalized horse, rescue missions… The list goes on and that isn’t even touching on the gorgeous setting it’s in. – Julia Couture

A dream or a nightmare? The adorable There Was a Dream lets you guess […] The adventure game There Was a Dream introduces you to an open world that can be a fairy tale at one point and a horrible horror at the other. – Šárka Tmějová

There Was A Dream will put you in the magical dream world that you don’t want to get out! – BlackFox


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