Remember your dreams and fight for them.

There Was A Dream is an exploration and survival game set in the dream world. You’ll dress up as Claire, a 26yo girls that after a quarrel with her family moves to a new city. Explore her dreams, a fragment of hers childhood in the Italian countryside.

Fight and Survive her fears, in the most wicked forms. Go into the dream dimension and discover the centuries-old battle between two factions from an alien race able to manipolate and travel through dreams. It’s up to you to find out what their purpose is.

THERE WAS A DREAM – (PC game, November 30, 2018 on

What type the game is?

Open world survival game, with non-linear story.
Survive between two dimensions: dream and nightmare. Loot, animals, npcs, climatic conditions, quests, objectives, challenges present in one dimension will be the opposite in the other.

Always be prepared

Keep your inventory and water full, craft, fish, hunt, help the people around the countryside. Upgrade your tree house base, change outfit, change hair style, buy accessories.

Always ready to fight

When the nightmare comes, prepare to fight a strange race of monster, born from human bad emotions. Save people from monster to repopulate the word of dream, using traps, distractions and stealth tactics. Your game. Your choice.

Lastest screenshots and video clips

Watch out the lastest screenshots and video clips to figure out how many activities there are in There Was a Dream

Under the sea!

Explore the sea bed, search objects to craft or to resell and find other mysterious artifacts.

Your personal compass

Scarecrows can show you the way to go if you ask, but sometimes they just dance.Scarecrows can show you the way to go if you ask, but sometimes they just dance.

Resistence’s hideouts

In There Was a Dream the nightmare dimension it’s more realistic than you think. Find the hideouts, help people and get missions to save as many people as possible.

Explore riding

Explore the world riding around. Buy and personalize your mount. Compared to other horses your Stallhorne is more fast and cool.

Rescue missions

In the dimension of the nightmare you’ll have to free and rescue the captured people. In this way you will repopulate the dimension of the dream.

Beach relax

The dream dimension offers many place to visit and enjoy. Go to the beach to swim, get a boat or just sit and relax.

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Hello everyone, after the last update that introduced the horse racing into the game world we took a small break but now we are back to work. We’ve been thinking a lot[…]

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Development Update: v0.2.4 available, Horse Racing!

Hello Dream heroes, another month of development and we can finally release version 0.2.4 of the game. This version includes many glitch and bug fix, but most important HORSE RACING! Let’s[…]

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Development Update: v0.2.2 available, bug/glitch fixes

Hello Dream heroes, after the major update last week, which we hard worked on for over a month, we are here again to fix some bugs that have been reported[…]

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