Development Update: v0.2.0 Major Update coming next month

Development Update: v0.2.0 Major Update coming next month

Good morning Dream’s heroes,

as you know last week we released the monthly update for There Was A Dream, containing various improvements and bug fixes. Thanks to your feedback and the videos we found on the net we decided and already started to work on the next big update that will take the game directly to version 0.2.0. This update will cover new content and missions both for the dimension of the dream and the nightmare. Inside the nightmare we are also creating a new and intriguing village of resistance, full of life, things to discover and new missions. We are also improving the graphical interface so that players can know immediately what activities are available, what is required to do and where they are within the game world. Finally, we’re modifying the game map, trying to make each glimpse even more memorable and less “random”.

This major update will be available in the middle of next month, March 2019. Stay tuned. 😃

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