Development Update: v0.2.0 available! Tutorial, missions, new places and more!

Development Update: v0.2.0 available! Tutorial, missions, new places and more!

Hello Dream heroes,
after more than a month of development we can finally release version 0.2.0 of the game. This version includes many performance improvements, a short interactive tutorial for new and old players, a new dimension of the nightmare and much more. But let’s go into the details.

⭐Interactive tutorial

Xehor will welcome you. Follow his directions, find out more about what is happening and learn the basics for survival from the “Survivalist” who lives in a cabin in the mountains.

⭐Daily Quests

At each start the game will load the received work requests. Press the corresponding number key to activate the screen icon indicating the position of the mission. Each dimension has unique work requests, usefull to gain money, objects and experience points.

⭐Museum – Dimension Hub

The museum, located in front of Claire’s house, is the new hub to move between dimensions. We have prepared this place and modified the game code to accommodate all the dimensions that we can insert.

⭐A brand-new Nightmare dimension

In preparation for the future dimensions we will include, we have decided to completely renovate the nightmare and make it more performing than ever. We have added a freely explorable main village, with a place to gather resources and find missions. We fixed a lot of little things, removed some others that didn’t work properly and inserted a new enemy that we showed in the videos that we didn’t include: the wolves.

⭐New crafting and placement of the tent made easy

From now on, Claire will always have her own tent with her. An icon at the bottom of the screen will indicate where she can be pinched. When the ring turns green, simply press the [T] key. With the tent placed you can save and use the inventory for crafting. Pressing the [I] key and after selecting wood to light the fire, an interface to all objects that can be craft will appear. Each object has a reference image, a description and the ingredients needed to make it. If the necessary ingredients are present in the inventory, the button of the craftable object will turn green.

👓Other changes/fixes

  • Now Claire camera is centered behind her. Only selecting fireguns or throwable pebbles will move the camera to right.
  • Two new areas to explore in the dream. The home of the horse riding school and the Survivalist hut.
  • Trees, objects, and other furnishings are no longer generated randomly, making it easier to orient yourself within the game world. Even the ground is no longer randomly generated.
  • After each level up, Claire’s life and energy and fergus’ vitality are restored to their maximum.
  • Loading times further halved.
  • The loading screen now shows a large amount of game screens with useful tips and advices.
  • The horse’s controls are now more responsive and the game remains fluid while riding.
  • Within the dream dimension the day/night cycle will go from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and then back. The nightmare has a fixed time, about 4 a.m. This way the player will have an infinite time to explore and complete the missions.
  • Dozens of small and large bug fixes.