Autore: Fabrizio, Keydare Project

Development update: v0.1.10

Good morning Dream’s heroes, we uploaded a new version with minor changes and bugs fixes, here’s the complete list: Lowered price to 750 for standard horses and 1500 for the specials ones. Sand Dun horse is now on sale and buyable only for 150! Controlling Fergus now it’s possibile to jump at different height. Pressing…
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Development update: august

Hi everyone! August was a very intense month for There Was a Dream. We pumped the graphic details, re-design and replace the old and temporary interface, added more missions both in the dream and nightmare dimentions, added more useful furniture for house-building, and above all we worked and finished the launch trailer. More coming soon,…
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Development update: july

Hello everyone, in this period we have posted many video clips on all social platforms about different aspects of the game, from free roaming to the rescue of hostages in the dimension of the nightmare. In this period we are concentrating mainly on the connection between the different mechanisms of the game, from random missions…
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Website online

Welcome to the “There Was a Dream – The Game” website. We’ll try to unificate all news, development statuses, screenshots and videos in all social platform and obviously also on this website. Stay tuned for more news and for our live stream program, to show you the game in all it’s development process.